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Smoked Salmon Chowder A savory sensation bursting with Northwest flavor, salmon chowder is often found in gourmet seafood restaurants, and it is most popular in Western Europe, but now you can enjoy it anywhere with Fortun Foods! Cream, fresh onion, fresh celery, fresh russet potatoes, wild smoked salmon, butter, seafood stock, Chablis wine, canola oil,

New England Clam Chowder A delectable chowder with an impeccable pedigree. Gourmet ocean clams and the freshest of potatoes will have you thinking that you are sitting in a Boston seafood restaurant. The authentic taste of fresh seafood immediately hits your taste bud at first taste. Ocean Clams, clam stock, clam juice, fresh potatoes, whole

Lobster Bisque with Cognac Bisque is a soup traditionally made from a variety of your favorite seafood. Our Lobster Bisque is truly a taste sensation. Ultra smooth, perfectly seasoned - a culinary delight. Shrimp, lobster meat, fresh onions, cream, brandy, tomato paste, fresh carrots, butter, crab, lobster and shrimp stock, canola oil, lemon juice and

American Kobe Beef Chili with Beans A pedigree with top notch spices warms you up with every bite. Kobe beef combined with fresh vegetables, spices and jalapeno peppers provides the best tasting chili with zero fuss. This gluten-free chili is a meal that can’t be missed. Gluten Free. Kobe ground beef, diced tomatoes, kidney beans,

Lentil and Sweet Sausage with Fresh Spinach and Fennel A flavorful creamy soup featuring sweet Italian sausage will transport you straight to Italy. This soup is for the vegetable lover, as it also includes lentils, fresh leeks, onions, carrots, celery and spinach. An Italian classic available in your fridge! Sweet Italian sausage, fresh cream, lentils,

Classic Minestrone A vibrant deep red with plenty of Italian origins, the Minestrone transports your taste buds on a culinary tour of Italy. Fresh vegetables, hearty beans and delicious chicken provide a filling soup filled with flavor. Tomatoes, pasta, fresh onions, fresh carrots, chicken stock, oven roasted chicken meat, red kidney beans, green beans, Burgundy

French Onion A warm and hearty soup, the French Onion provides the perfect blend of flavor and texture. Add croutons and melted cheese and you have a restaurant quality dish! Fresh onions, roasted onion stock, beef stock, chicken stock, Sherry wine, spices and butter provide flavors that are sure to impress. Vegetarian. Click here to

Cheddar and Broccoli Our Cheddar and Broccoli is top of the class. It contains tender green florets in a creamy sea of cheddar cheese. This succulent soup deserves to be savored. If you love broccoli and cheese soup, then you don’t want to miss this fresh option. Whole milk, Broccoli florets, chicken stock, cheddar cheese,

Azteca Chicken and Rice This gluten-free savory soup kicks it up a notch with slight heat from fresh jalapeno peppers, rich broth, fresh vegetables and premium chicken meat. A Mexican favorite sure to be a great starter or main dish for any authentic meal. Fresh diced vine ripened peeled tomatoes, rice, fresh onions, chicken thigh

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