Information for Food Brokers and Distributors

You’ll Find Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces to Be a Hot Product with a Lot of Advantages

Consumers are always looking for new, healthy, and delicious products that make meal preparation easier. Retailers want to stock these products and watch their sales increase. Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces will satisfy both consumers and retailers. Brokers and distributors who include Fortun’s sauces in their lines will reap the benefits.

What Consumers Are Looking For and Retailers Want to Stock

You know that consumers don’t want to spend all of their time cooking from scratch. Retailers know it, too. And in spite of the recession, there’s an audience for premium and gourmet products. Grocers understand how Fortun’s sauces increase sales incrementally by giving customers ideas for easy meals. You can ride this wave to profitability by representing Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces.

Take Advantage of Fortun’s Commitment to Packaging and Shelf Life

Although Fortun sauces are a fresh-refrigerated item, they’re packaged with consumers, distributors, and retailers in mind. Each retail unit of Fortun’s sauce is first sealed in a Cryovac® pouch and then placed in a plastic tub. This tamper-proof double packaging gives the product a 4-6-month shelf life (longer if frozen).

Information For Brokers

You’ll Find Fortun Foods to Be the Ideal Manufacturer Partner

Fortun’s developed and successfully marketed Stockpot Soups before the product line was sold to Campbell Soups. This new line of unique sauces is destined to be another winner and fills a real need in the marketplace. We understand how to provide support and assistance at every point of the sell-through process.

Knowledge is power. Fortun Foods partners with brokers by offering comprehensive training so they can optimize their success with meat-department customers.

“When entertaining, consumers aren’t willing to take the inexpensive way out. They’re trying to impress, trying to meet the tastes of their guests.” ~ IRI Times & Trends report

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