Spicy Mustard with Brandy Sauce Spicy and smooth and simply delicious! Fresh garlic, fresh onion, Dijon mustard, olive oil and combination of spices and cream. This is a great finishing sauce for your cooked pork, chicken or even seafood. Make a real presentation and drizzle on grilled asparagus. Gourmet has never been easier! View the

Mulligatawny Curry Sauce This isn't your grandmother's Mulligatawny! Sweet and Savory the whole family will love! Taste fresh with celery, carrots, golden raisins, apples, and a touch of brandy. The curry is delightful and the combination is comfort food at its finest. Try it as a wonderful side dish on a bed of rice. Great

Mediterranean Sauce Let's take you to Greece! This sauce has it all, calamata olives, green olives, savory garlic, capers, red wine and the best olive oil from the region. Authentic flavors that take you to that little café, simply delicious! Try it with pasta, beef, chicken, pork and seafood. Turn your leftovers into a masterpiece!

BBQ Sauce Savory, slow-cooked with corn, black beans, fresh carrots, tomatoes, fresh onions. There is nothing like this BBQ sauce! All vegetarian, but go ahead and put it over your favorite grilled meat – beef, pork, or chicken – or even tofu. The best of the garden went into this unique blend. Have a picnic

Asian Style Pepper Sauce Traditional best from the Far East. Sauteed and simmered to perfection! Fresh green peppers, fresh red peppers, onions, ginger, sesame oil and sake. Stir fry your favorite beef, chicken or pork and drizzle the sauce for that Finishing Touch. Only one for dinner tonight? Save the sauce in the reusable container

Stroganoff Sauce This rich sauce hails from Russia, and is made with burgundy wine, real sour cream, mushrooms, fresh onions, beef and veal stock. The taste and appearance is extraordinary! Imagine the sauce delicately poured over a bed of egg noodles with cooked stew meat. Fresh mushrooms, red Burgundy wine, sour cream, fresh onions, Dijon

Spanish Romesco with Saffron Sauce Romesco is the Catalan word for the Nora chilies, and saffron is a spice with great health benefits. The combination with bell peppers and tomatoes makes this a healthy and flavorful choice. Great with grilled or baked chicken, seafood or pork. Just a little goes a long way. There is

Santa Fe Verde Sauce An experience to savor, this sauce includes crushed tomatillos, fresh onions, green chilies, fresh green peppers, fresh red peppers, diced jalapenos and just the right amount of kick! The possibilities are endless; try over eggs, nachos, potatoes or rice. Always great for the main course; just pour over baked chicken, pork

Rajun Cajun Sauce A fusion of fresh, with a kick! If spicy is what you’re after, try this combination of fresh onions, fresh celery, fresh green peppers, okra, garlic and Tabasco sauce. Delicious over grilled chicken, beef, pork, seafood and even pasta! It’s gourmet made simple; you start - we finish! Tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh

Marsala & Mushroom Sauce A rich Italian tradition made with real veal stock, fresh mushrooms, sautéed onions and Marsala and Madeira wines turns a casual entrée into a culinary event. Just add to your cooked chicken, beef or pork. A few tablespoons are all you need. It's no surprise this sauce is our best seller!

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