Project Description

American Kobe Beef Chili with Beans

A pedigree with top notch spices warms you up with every bite. Kobe beef combined with fresh vegetables, spices and jalapeno peppers provides the best tasting chili with zero fuss. This gluten-free chili is a meal that can’t be missed. Gluten Free.

Kobe ground beef, diced tomatoes, kidney beans, tomato sauce, fresh onions, Great Northern Beans, diced green chilies, jalapeno peppers, beef stock, fresh garlic, chicken stock, canola oil and spices all make this dish a fresh, delicious and hearty blend of ingredients.

Ingredients: American Style Kobe Ground Beef, Water, Diced Tomatoes, Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, Tomato Sauce, Fresh Onions, Tomato Paste, Great Northern Beans, Diced Green Chilies, Jalapeño Peppers, Beef Stock, Corn Starch, Fresh Garlic, Chicken Stock, Spices, Canola Oil.