Fortun Foods Testimonials

Customers Rave About Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces

Customers all across the country are beginning to experience the delicious convenience of Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces. Listen to what they’re telling us…

“I love your Marsala and Mushroom sauce with pork chops. Same fry pan, I have added lots of kale and sliced nectarine. I’m looking forward to trying your lemon capers sauce since I’m a fish person. Big kudos to your product…it’s delicious.” — Terri K, Honolulu, HI

“Just thought I would let you know we finally had the chance to try your clam chowder last night…awesome. It is perfectly flavored … with just the right touch of spice. REALLY GOOD!!!!” — Mike

“I saw the Lemon Dill & Caper Sauce on the Ralph’s Grocery shelf and tried it. It is the best preparation of the genre I have tasted. Lemon sauces are my favorite! Great job to your R&D and production associates.” – Marsha L., Anaheim Hills, CA

“I purchased four flavors of your sauces at Ralphs and immediately fell in love with them. They are outstanding and I used them so often that my husband finally said, ‘That’s enough with the sauces.’ So, now I use them about twice a week. 🙂 I have told ALL my friends to try them. Have also asked my Ralphs to please get the other flavors too, but that hasn’t happened yet. You have a superb product!” — Lynda W., Villa Park, CA

“As the Bikini Chef, I haven’t been really a sauce person. Sauces tend to be fattening and difficult to make. But, Fortun Finishing Touch Sauces are made with fresh ingredients! They are low cal, low fat making them very ‘bikini’ and they are already made for you! Just heat and serve over your grilled chicken breasts, boneless pork chop, I even use them with my whole wheat pastas and rice dishes!” — Susan Irby, “The Bikini Chef”, Ladera Ranch, CA

More customer success stories coming soon!