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Quick and Easy Chicken Sauces to
Make Any Meal a Gourmet Sensation

Finishing Sauces from Fortun Foods for Easy Chicken Dishes

Looking for a quick and easy way to have a restaurant quality gourmet Chicken Dinners? You can't go wrong with our sauces for chicken. With our Chicken Sauces, you can prepare a gourmet meal in minutes without the work. Gourmet Chicken meals are now easy with our tantalizing finishing sauces for chicken.

When you are seeking a quick and easy culinary delight, our chicken sauces make easy chicken dishes a snap without the work. Chicken in sauce or chicken with sauce has never been easier. Now you can give your family the gourmet meals they crave in an all natural, gluten free and no trans fat finishing sauce from Fortun Foods. Thinking of a succulent and juicy chicken breast for dinner? Make it gourmet with our easy finishing sauce for chicken breast.

These Tantalizing Chicken Sauces Enhance Any Chicken Dish

Fortun Foods provides a variety of sauces that go great with chicken. These chicken sauces are based on a chicken stock that is made from roasted chicken, resulting in a restaurant-quality base. They also contain spices and other natural ingredients to create finishing sauces inspired by top chefs. These sauces are generally similar in their use and preparation. The sauces for chicken dishes from Fortun Foods include the following sauces:

Asian Style Pepper

Four Pepper

Marsala & Mushroom

Mulligatawny Curry

Rajun Cajun

Santa Fe Verde

Spanish Romesco
with Saffron

Spicy Mustard
with Brandy


About Our Finishing Sauces for Chicken

The sauce for chicken dishes from Fortun Foods are finishing sauces, meaning they are already prepared and just need to be heated. They contain quality ingredients and are prepared in the same way that a chef makes sauces in restaurants. All of these simple chicken sauces are inspired by top chefs and have been tested in restaurants. The simple sauces for chicken from Fortun Foods contain no MSG or trans fat. Our sauces for chicken provide you quick and easy chicken dishes that taste professionally prepared. Now you can heat and serve high quality gourmet chicken meals with our quick and easy chicken sauces in just minutes.

Watch Susan Irby, The Bikini Chef, prepare everybody's favorite, Chicken Marsala. Susan is using our Marsala and Mushroom Sauce to finish off this meal and provide a restaurant quality dish to her guests. You can prepare gourmet meals in yourown kitchen using our sauces for many different chicken dishes. Try them all, they are wonderful, and quick and easy.

General Procedure For Our Sauces

The procedure for using a finishing sauce for chicken generally involves preparing easy chicken dishes first and placing them on the serving plate. Tear the bag of easy sauce for chicken open or cut a slit in the bag with a pair of scissors. Pour the sauce into the pan that you used to cook the chicken meals while the pan is still hot. The sauce for chicken breast should be heated briefly and should not be allowed to boil. You can also use an easy chicken sauce in a crock pot or some other type of slow-cooking device. It is important to use a low-level of heat to prevent the sauce from boiling.

Pour the sauce directly over the chicken in the serving plate. The typical amount of sauce is four tablespoons of sauce for a six-ounce chicken breast. This means that an eight-ounce package will provide enough sauce for four typical servings. You can vary the actual amount of sauce that you serve to suit your individual tastes.

Storage For Our Sauces

Chicken sauces from Fortun Foods can be used for two weeks after opening the package of chicken sauce. Sauce for chicken should be resealed and refrigerated promptly after opening. The sauces can be refrigerated for up to five months if the bag has not been opened. These sauces are best when served fresh, but you can freeze them if you allow them to thaw in the refrigerator.

What are you waiting for? Try these scrumptious sauces for chicken from Fortun Foods. When you're looking for easy chicken sauces for quick and easy chicken dinners, our sauces for chicken can't be beat. Just warm them up, pour or spoon them over your prepared chicken, and you can be enjoying a gourmet chicken meal in minutes.

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Fortun Foods' Mission

Our mission is to produce high quality, safe and nutritious products while maintaining and improving our reputation as an honest company that treats its employees, customers and vendors with respect.


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